Earn points by picking all playoff games.
most points earned.

100 points possible - 13 games

1st round: Jan 13-15 = 4 points/game
2nd round: Jan 20-21 = 6 points/game
3rd round: Jan 28 = 12 points/game
Superbowl: Feb 11 = 25 points/game
Superbowl Score: Feb 11 = 3 points
(for exact superbowl score)

Tiebreaker: If a tie in points after the superbowl,
then whoever picked the superbowl winner wins.
If still tied, then closest to superbowl score wins.

The Blake Henry: Pick every game wrong (0-13)
and get a refund!

The Kids' Table: Kids age 7-15 are in
superbowl challenge as normal, however
the highest ranking kid age 7-15 wins a prize!

(Disclaimer: SBC XXII is for known friends / family
with no profit generated or retained.
The site is for recreational use only.)